About Maithry

A Tapestry of Kerala Culture in the Silicon Valley

In the vibrant heart of Silicon Valley, a cluster of Malayalee families harbored a shared aspiration—to transplant the rich warmth and fellowship of Kerala into the distant lands of their new home.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maithry emerged as a beacon of Kerala’s illustrious culture and time-honored traditions from the southern state of India. It all began in 2001, when a close-knit circle of friends convened in Sunnyvale, CA, to observe the festive occasion of Vishu. This gathering ignited a spark, fueling their ambition to materialize their vision into a tangible community experience. Consequently, in August 2001, approximately 12 families united at the Valley Green Apartment Club House in Cupertino. Armed with an array of traditional games like Vadamvali, Uriyadi, Lemon race, and Athappoo, they celebrated Onam—the quintessential festival of Kerala, often referred to as God’s own country. These initial assemblies in communal spaces offered a stage for members to showcase their prowess in singing, dancing, and theatrical arts.

As the years unfolded, Maithry evolved into a formidable pillar of the community, acclaimed for orchestrating grandiose cultural spectacles. The Onam sadya and cultural extravaganza stand as emblematic achievements, drawing together upwards of 1000 individuals in a grand celebration of cultural heritage and unity. These gatherings transcend mere revelry; they represent a rich mosaic of intertwined narratives and ancestral customs, bridging generations in a shared embrace.

At the core of Maithry’s ethos lies a steadfast dedication to philanthropy and communal welfare. Maithry’s distinctiveness is anchored in its volunteer-led model. This ethos of egalitarian contribution fosters a welcoming environment, empowering every member to partake in steering the organization’s trajectory. This collective spirit has been instrumental in propelling Maithry’s trajectory of growth and acclaim.

Spanning from cozy convocations to majestic gatherings, Maithry encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Malayalee culture and solidarity.

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