Maithry: About Us!


Maithry’s inception:

For a long period the Malayalee families of Silicon Valley had been carrying the desire to have a friendly social net just the same way as they have back in Kerala. In the year 2001, a group of friends gathered in Sunnyvale, CA to celebrate Vishu. This propelled their desire further and inspired them to turn it into reality, through a novel way of social life circle.

Thus in August 2001, around 12 families got together at the Valley Green Apartment Club House, Cupertino with a bunch of games like Vadamvali, Uriyadi, Lemon race and Athappoo to celebrate the most important festival, Onam, of God’s own country, Kerala. The grand success of this celebration led to the birth of Maithry, a friendly family organization for the Malayalees of Silicon Valley. It is a unique organization with its style of complete participation of all members in its activities. It has since grown considerably from its humble beginnings and blossomed into a closely-knit family of more than 800 members. Now Maithry activities have blended nicely into the lives of these families.

Maithry and the love for Kerala, our Mother Land!

Kerala, like the Indian sub continent, can claim to have a culture the history of which runs into the dim recesses of antiquity. Maithry promotes and propagates Kerala culture by conducting quality cultural programs and organizing get-togethers and picnics. Maithry’s aim is to create and promote better understanding and more friendly relationship among its members. All the activities are organized and planned based on the unique formula, “Maithry Family”. The mission of Maithry is to serve as a forum to facilitate and enable social and cultural interactions among the member families and to motivate the kids to learn Malayalam language and Kerala traditions.

Maithry’s meteoric rise from a basement chat to become one of the premier Malayalee groups in the Bay Area today is a tribute to all its members’ team effort and unity. Members join hands without the barriers of caste, religion and wealth to celebrate important events of Kerala ranging from New Year, Vishu, Independence Day and Onam to Christmas. Maithry provides a unique platform where its members can exhibit their artistic and cultural talents in an informal family atmosphere. All these events are organized by its members, for its members.

Even in the midst of hectic life, the Mothers of Maithry have joined to run Malayalam class sessions for its kids and is progressing very well.

The artistic hearts of Maithry have evolved into an activity of its own: “Maithry Singers” and are excelling in that field. The “Dancers of Maithry” organizes dance performances during all the important events taking the audience to ecstasy.

In short, Maithry knits its member families with mutual co-operation, participation and is continuing its never ending and successful journey…

For more information about Maithry, email contact (at) maithry (dot) org.

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