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Visit Muir Woods - the last redwood grove in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Fall arrives in Muir Woods National MonumentGaint Redwoods were a common sight in the San Francisco Bay Area before we clearcut these to build the homes and other structures everywhere. One of the last redwood groves, just North of San Francisco near the city of Mill Valley was just waiting to be "harvested" when William Kent, a visionary conservatioinist, bought it, and then donated to the government.

Although it was suggested the grove to be named after Mr. Kent, he requested it be named after the much more recognized conservationist, John Muir.

The park is just 1.5 hours from South Bay, and it is a great place for families. Beautifully paved trails are stroller-friendly and kid-friendly. There is a cafe and gift shop close to the visitor center.

Stinson Beach, Mount Tamalpaias, the quaint town of Mill Valley, Tennessee Valley Beach etc. are a short distance from the park.

Don't forget to stop by the town of Sausalito where you will find lots of gift shops and restaurants. It also offers a great view of the City of San Francisco, various islands and the bay.

Slideshow of pictures from our visit to Muir Woods.

Gayathri & Adithi sing "കണ്ണാം തുമ്പീ പോരാമോ..." at Maithry Onam 2010.

Gayathri & Adithi sing "കണ്ണാം തുമ്പീ പോരാമോ..." at Maithry Onam 2010.

Maithry Onam 2010: Skit "Dushyettaa... Shaku Vilikkunnu!!"

At Maithry Onam 2010, a very funny skit was presented by Anil Nair, Priya Pillai, Gopakumar Pillai, Duleep Pillai, Sathish Menon and Anuja Rajendran. "Dushyettaa... Shaku Vilikkunnu!"

Slideshow of pictures from the skit:

Here are the videos from the skit:

A few videos from Maithry Onam 2010

Here are a few videos from Maithry Onam 2010

Check out these and other videos at Maithry Facebook page.

Semi-classical dance by Malavika Anil & Meenakshi Anil

Kids dance "Kalyana Kacheri..." at maithry Onam 2010.

Dancers: Rhea, Rakshita, Gowri, Rachel, Parvathy, Amy, Keerthana, Gayatri, Milan, Rohan, Aalaap, Ryan, Tavish, Leo, Pranav & Rishabh

Maveli arrives at Maithry Onam 2010

Ananda Natanam @ Maithry Onam 2010

"Kalabham Tharaam... " dance by Aavani Sree.

"Chanthu thottille..." dance at maithry Onam 2010

by Sharmila Gopinathan, Liz Alex, Heera Pillai and Ligy Samuel.

Ananda Natanam Aadinar at Maithry Onam 2010

Ananda Natanam Aadinar dance program at Maithry Onam 2010

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